Concern about climate change among Brits is at an all time high. From The Time is Now mass lobby for climate, nature and people in June, to the global Climate Strikes in September, demand for action on the climate crisis is growing.

This is a critical time, we need to keep up the momentum to ensure the Government puts in place policies that get us on track to slash our emissions.

Will you ask your MP to champion ambitious policies that set the foundations for a cleaner, greener future where the UK does not contribute to climate change?

Copy and paste the text below into an email to your MP and don’t forget to personalise the bits in bold.


Dear [Name of your MP],


I am writing to you as a constituent of [your constituency] because I am concerned about the climate emergency.

I’ve already seen the impacts of climate change in our local area, from the extreme temperatures of this summer’s heatwave to [insert some changes you have seen]. 

A commitment to ending our country’s contribution to climate change has been supported across all parties. The Government has just over a year to put in place policies that will get us on track to our net zero target– but our window is getting smaller.  Will you commit to championing policies that ensure we have a safer and cleaner future?

Public concern for protecting the people, places and things we love from climate change is growing and the demand for action is increasing.  In June this year, [I/ my fellow constituents joined] 12,000 people at the Time Is Now mass lobby for climate, nature and people to talk to you, and other MPs, about climate change. We’ve also just seen hundreds of thousands of Brits across the country including in [add your local area if there was a strike] tell our government to act now to curb the worst impacts of climate change. 

There are four things that can be put in place right now to slash our emissions and get us on track to deliver net zero. On behalf of everyone in [insert your constituency here], will you champion policies in parliament that ensure:

  • Our homes are warmer and cheaper to run

  • Our transport is fit for the future, better for our health and environment

  • We are investing in energy that the British public want– that’s better for our climate (and our pockets). 89% of the public support solar and 79% support onshore wind

  • We restore our country's iconic natural landscape, planting more trees to improve air quality, and naturally suck carbon from the air

2020 is a huge year for the future of our planet - and our country. We already have a legally binding target to reach net zero emissions. If that commitment is underlined by action in the next year we have an opportunity, as host of the UN climate summit in Glasgow next year and the country that kickstarted the industrial revolution, to be leaders in the clean, green energy revolution. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 


Yours sincerely,

[your name]

On behalf of [insert local organisation(s) if relevant]