Join us, 26th June in London to create the biggest lobby our country has ever seen to tell our MPs The Time is Now to act on climate change #TheTimeIsNow.jpg


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 Below you can find all you need to join in and make your voice heard this June as thousands of us from every corner of Britain will take our message straight to Parliament in – what we hope will be the largest mass lobby for climate and the environment the UK has ever seen.




Lobbying is all about making sure that our MPs hear us loud and clear– that we want a future safe from climate change. Make sure your MP turns up by inviting them.

If you're planning on meeting your MP, alongside thousands this on June, but are unsure how to start the conversation, this video explains how (not) to talk to your MP.



Do your pupils care about the environment? Would they like to make their views on this issue known? They can join in at the mass lobby in London, where thousands of people will meet with MPs to ask for action. Read the below schools guide for teachers bringing groups of young people along, and don’t forget to tick that you are a teacher when signing up.

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What is Net Zero?

Net zero is an emissions target for the UK. We are asking the government to pass into law a target where our overall greenhouse gas emissions including domestic, industry and travel emissions are equal to zero by 2045 at the latest.This means reducing our emissions by as much as possible, and then using technology and land use practices to suck the remainder from the atmosphere until we reach a net of zero emissions. In doing so, the UK would no longer be contributing to climate change.

If your MP already supports a net zero emissions target then remember to thank them! Perhaps you could talk to them about additional commitments or how your local area might be able to help achieve the target?

What is the Environment Bill?

In July 2018, Theresa May announced the government’s intention to publish an Environment Bill which will set the framework for the future of environmental law in the UK. This bill will cover everything from plastics and air pollution, to green spaces and wildlife. Done right, it could clean up our beaches and our air, and protect our beautiful countryside for future generations.

How do I lobby my MP?

You can use our helpful video here and look in our lobby guide for some hints and tips. The key is to know what you want to ask, think about your personal experiences and issues relevant to your local area. It’s your MP’s job to represent you, so have confidence and be clear on what you want to see happen. It’s best to ask for clear commitments and deadlines so that you can easily follow up at a later date.

What should I say to my MP?

This is your opportunity to talk about all things climate change and environment. You can talk about net zero emissions and the Environment Bill, but that’s not it! Think about what challenges your local area faces, what experiences you’ve had and what you care most about. You’ll have most impact and your MP will remember you more if they hear a personal story.

How will the lobby line work?

The line leading from parliament will run along both sides of the river Thames by Westminster and over Lambeth bridge. The line will be split into regions and colour coded as per the Lobby Guide. It will also be well signed with lots of stewards on hand to help. Within each region, constituencies (your electoral area) will be in alphabetical order. Make sure you have found the other people from your constituency and your spot before the lobby starts at 1pm. Your MP will then be able to use our rickshaw service to come to you.

You can see a map of the lobby here.

Who is my MP? What is my Constituency?

Your MP is the person elected to represent you in parliament. If you’re not sure who they are you can search for them using your postcode at This will also tell you what constituency you live in, which you need to know to find your spot in the lobby line. Big towns are often split into smaller areas - so don’t assume it’s just the name of your city.

When do I need to be there?

The lobby starts at 1pm and lasts until 4pm but your MP may only be available to talk to you for a short time. We recommend that you are there from the start so that you don’t miss them. Get in contact with your MP before the day of the lobby and ask for an approximate time to make your life easier.

How do I get there?

A number of organisations are organising transport from across the country. Visit to see if there’s anything planned from your area. This will be updated regularly so please do keep checking.  

We’re pleased to be able to offer 25% off all National Express trips to London Victoria coach station (just a short walk from Westminster) on June 26th using the code: CCL2019. You can claim this here. Please only use this code if you are attending the lobby.

If you’re travelling by train then we recommend that you book tickets well in advance in order to get the best prices. Stewards will be on hand at Westminster Tube Station to help point you in the right direction.

Check out the TFL website for more information on travelling around London.

We recommend that everyone travels by public transport, but if you’d like to drive then make sure you research parking well in advance as this can be difficult in central London.
If you have any questions then we’d be happy to help. Email us at

Can I bring a friend?

Yes! Everybody is invited to the Mass Lobby. We want MPs to feel the force of 10,000 diverse individuals and groups who all want to see action on climate change and for the environment.

Can I link up with other people beforehand?

If you signed up through an organisation, contact them to see if they can connect you with any local groups in your area. Use the hashtag #TheTimeIsNow, followed by the name of your constituency, to connect with others on social media. We also have a facebook group where you might find other people who are coming along.

What if my MP has said they can’t be there or wants to meet somewhere else?

Insist! Please don’t agree to meet your MP inside Westminster or somewhere separate from the lobby as they will miss out on the impact of 10,000 people there to talk about climate and environment. If they really can’t come then make an appointment to see them in their surgery on another day just before or after the lobby. Please let us know if your MP isn’t attending or wants to meet elsewhere at

We’d love you to come to the lobby anyway. Your MP may send a researcher in their place to speak to you. You’ll also be able to leave a green card - a note to your MP telling them that you were there and what you wanted to speak to them about. You can pick one of these up at St John’s Smith Square. You will still have an impact, adding to the force of 10,000 people gathering together to ask for action.

I can’t go. Is there anything else I can do?

If you can’t come, you can still lobby your MP. You could organise to meet your MP on a different day at their surgery or phone them up for a chat.

If possible, send a friend or someone else from your constituency to the Lobby on the 26th with something like a postcard to give to your MP with your message.

Make sure you spread the word on social media using #TheTimeIsNow!

Who will be there?

The Time is Now is being organised by a coalition of organisations that represent millions of people across the UK. From sports and nature to faith and parent groups we are all united in wanting to protect the things we love from climate change and environmental damage. We are expecting 10,000 people to attend - from surfers to scientists, doctors to bird watchers, everybody has a stake in our environment and everybody is invited.

What should I bring on the day?

The lobby isn’t a march or protest but we want it to be bright and colourful. You could bring placards, banners, animal costumes or even face paint to add to the festival feel! Don’t forget your alarm clock for the 2pm moment (find out more in the lobby guide).

The lobby will run from 13:00 to 16:00 so remember to bring food and water to keep you going. We know the weather can be unpredictable so don’t forget your raincoat and suncream. Try to travel light as there won’t be anywhere where you can safely leave your bags during the day.   

What else will be happening on the day?

There will be a number of other events happening on the day for you to get involved with.  


During the day head to St John’s Smith Square where you’ll find the info hub and stalls from different organisations. There will be interviews, film clips and updates from what’s happening at the lobby! It’s also a good place to have a sit down or pop to the cafe.

CHURCH HOUSE - ASSEMBLY HALL - 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Tired from all the excitement of the day? Church House will be available during the afternoon to sit down and relax.


In the morning there will be interfaith workshops held at St Martins in the Fields from 9:30am. This will be followed by a Walk of Witness at 11:30am, led by former Archbishop Rowan Williams, to Church House where an interfaith speaker event will take place at 12pm. Find out more and sign up here - Everyone is welcome.


There will be a separate space for school groups to take part in workshops in the morning and wait for their MP in the afternoon. Please email if you are planning on bringing a group from your school.

What about safety?

The organisers of the event are working closely with police to make the event as safe as possible. The event will have a festival atmosphere and will be family friendly. There will be stewards and security at the event in order to make it as safe and enjoyable as possible. In the event of an emergency follow steward and police instructions and remove yourself from any situation where you feel unsafe.

Is the lobby against the law?

The lobby is entirely legal and a democratic right. We are not planning or asking you to take part in any civil disobedience. The lobby is taking place in pedestrian zones and will not cause any road blockages. The police know that we will be there and are working with us to keep everybody safe.

Why are you still pushing for 2045 when the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) have made it clear 2050 is going to be difficult to reach?

It’s fantastic to see the CCC recommending a target that is in line with the latest science and compatible with keeping global temperature rise to no more than 1.5C. We also welcome the fact the have included aviation and shipping emissions, and excluded international offsets. It’s important we don’t underestimate our ability to innovate and produce technologies that can speed up the transition to a clean economy. The key lesson of the decade since the UK’s existing target was set by the Climate Change Act 2008 is that the fall in costs has considerably exceeded expectations. The Committee’s report itself indicates that with faster technological development than they have anticipated, net-zero could be achieved even sooner than the deadline it has recommended. It’s imperative that we aim for not only the most feasible, but the most necessary pathway to net zero if we’re to maintain global climate leadership in the UK. WWF’s ‘Keeping it Cool’ report has highlighted that a net-zero target of 2045 is possible.

Extinction Rebellion are calling for 2025. Why aren't you being more ambitious?

The growing movement of people calling for climate action is crucial in order to keep the pressure on decision makers, highlighting the number of people across the country,  and the world, that want ambitious laws. We all want to see the UK government halt the UK’s contribution to climate change. 2045 is an ambitious net zero target that was arrived at after extensive analysis of industry, social behaviour, land use and potential technological innovation (highlighted in WWF’s Keeping it Cool report). It is in line with the science outlined in the IPCC report, which would see the UK play it’s part in keeping temperature rise globally to no more than 1.5 degrees. In order to reach this target, the government must prioritise policies and investment now to get us on the right trajectory. The government should keep the target under review and bring it forward if the science demands swifter action.

Don’t we only have 12 years to avoid climate catastrophe?

The 2018 IPCC report into 1.5C temperature rise recommended that globally we must reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050 to avoid the most severe impacts of climate change. It also stated that the world would have to reduce carbon emissions by 45% by 2030.  So this is 12 years in which the world has to almost halve global carbon emissions to have a reasonable chance of being on track to hit the 1.5C global temperature target enshrined within the Paris Agreement.

What if I still have a question?

Feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to help.