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Show The Love



Show The Love is a major campaign week, usually held in February around Valentine’s Day and is now entering its fifth year.

STL focuses on the impacts of climate change on the ‘things we love’, based on the idea that everyone is passionate about something, and new audiences can be engaged with more inventive and flexible narratives. It has helped to make green hearts go mainstream, and the ‘for the love of’ campaign message to reach new audiences in a positive and personal way.

Since 2016, STL has also included themed reports highlighting the impacts on climate change in areas that might appeal to new audiences. In 2017, we had a report on special places under threat, 2018 saw our report Game Changer bring climate change to sport, and 2019 will be based around the theme of food. Increasingly, we hope to tailor our STL messaging to the theme of each year, so that the messaging stays fresh, new and engaging. It also increasingly overlaps with our campaign to enshrine a net-zero emissions target in UK law; however, the aim is to keep STL as the less political side of our campaigning, so it can reach as many new people as possible, and raise their awareness of climate change so they might be inspired to take action later.