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Take a peek outside your window—do you notice anything different here in our beautiful home? Climate change is bringing more storms and flooding, affecting so many of the things that we love. The climate might be changing, but so are we—a world powered by clean and secure energy within a generation is possible.

Watch our special new film produced by renowned photographer Rankin and voiced by the dulcet tones of Anna Friel, then take a moment to spin the wheel below to find your perfect fit to #ShowTheLove.

When we all do our part, we can build a better, more secure home for us all.

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Find out what you can do

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Make A Green Heart

Green hearts will be popping up across the country on Valentine’s Day—make your own special heart and join in the fun! Hearts don’t need to be fancy, furry, or sewn. Simple is powerful too. Make your green hearts in a way you enjoy, and use what you have on hand. No matter what you choose, your heart will be special because it comes from you.

Wear a green heart

Wearing a green heart is the perfect way to show the world you’re taking part and talk to your friends and family about the things you love that climate change threatens. Take a look at our map to see where you can pick up a green heart sticker, or when a green heart activity is happening near you!

Share a green heart

Help the love go even further by sharing a green heart with your friends, family, or even a stranger and talking to them about the things that climate change threatens and the clean energy decisions we can make to protect them. Whether you share a beautiful handcrafted heart or a heart on social media, green hearts are the perfect way to show the world you care.

Send your MP a green heart

Send a green heart to your MP and ask them to join you in showing the love for your community. Simply craft a green heart and write them a note telling them about the things you love that are at risk from climate change and encourage them to raise the issue in Parliament. Together we can make climate change a national conversation!

Watch and share our film

Watch our heartwarming film that tells the story of how climate change is impacting on our everyday lives—and how powerful we can be when we tackle it together. Share it with your friends and see if they can guess which celebrity has done the voiceover!

Notice early signs of spring

Have you noticed snowdrops already or seen blackthorn flower in bloom? Take a moment to look for signs of spring appearing earlier and let us know what you see. You can even upload your sightings to our website to help scientists monitor the changes that are happening around the country.

Find an event

Green heart events are popping up across the country. From country walks to crafting sessions, there are lots of ways you can get your friends and family together to show the love. Browse the map on our website to find out what’s happening near you.

Think about how you travel

The way we travel has a huge impact on our climate. Could you take public transport to work instead of driving, or even better, walk or cycle? Not only will walking and cycling benefit your health, but it will help to reduce your carbon footprint, meaning you’ll have contributed to a greener future by the time you arrive at work each morning!

Get creative in the kitchen

What we eat has a profound impact on our environment. Beef is especially damaging to the environment, requiring 160 times more land and 11 times more water than staples like wheat and rice. By reducing your meat consumption, you can have a real impact on your personal climate footprint. Eating seasonally and locally can also have a big impact as you’re not only supporting local producers, but hugely reducing the air miles from source to plate. Are you ready to get creative in the kitchen and rise to the challenge?

Slash energy waste

Do you ever have the heating on full blast and the windows open, or forget to turn the lights off when you leave in the morning? We all forget sometimes, but by being extra conscious of reducing energy waste in your home you can help protect all that you love from climate change—and save money in the process too!

Snap a photo

It’s the age of the selfie, so why not take a snap of you and a group of friends, colleagues, book club, crafting group, or family members with green hearts and let others know how you’re showing the love by posting it on social media. You might even inspire others to get involved and think about the things they want to protect from climate change!

Share what you love

Everyone has something different that they don’t want to lose to climate change. It might be snow in winter, a favourite golf course, or your daily flat white. Whatever it is, let people know about what you want to protect from our changing climate. What do your loved ones want to protect? Ask them. The answer might surprise you.

Try our Facebook Frame

What do you love and want to protect from climate change? From your family to your favourite sport to the birds in your garden, #ShowTheLove for it with our special Facebook Frame. Click below, scroll over our image, and click 'Use Frame' in the bottom right hand corner to change your Facebook profile image. Once you've used it and your profile image publishes to your feed, your friends and family will be able to add it by using the large 'Try It' button that appears directly under your photo — easy!