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cross-party joint mp letter



We are delighted that MPs across parties have come together to jointly start a letter asking the Prime Minister to back a UK net zero emissions target ahead of 2050.

Has your MP signed up yet? Search for them below using 'Ctrl+F' (or 'Command+F' if you're a Mac user) and be sure to check back before your event or meeting as your MP will be more likely to sign up if they can see their colleagues have done so already.



Dear Prime Minister,

Net Zero Emissions

We are writing to you to welcome the announcement that the Government has asked the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) for advice on a net zero emissions target, with the aim of bringing our greenhouse gas emissions reduction target in line with the Paris Agreement.

Given the existing advice from the CCC, the conclusions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, and that other countries have set net zero targets with dates between 2030 and 2050, including France, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and New Zealand, we believe this must be a target of net zero for greenhouse gases before 2050.

British ingenuity, from Isambard Kingdom Brunel to Dorothy Hodgkin, has kept the UK at the forefront of science and engineering for more than two hundred years. Setting ourselves the goal of net zero emissions will put us at the forefront of the race for investment in clean industries, creating jobs all around the UK and inspiring the next generation.

A net zero emissions target, fully implemented, will cut energy bills by improving the efficiency of our homes and businesses, it will get rid of the exhaust pipe emissions that pollute the air we breathe, and it will help to bring about the restoration of our natural habitats so they become stores of carbon, from forests to peatlands.  We can have a greener Britain with cleaner air – and by making a clean break from harmful emissions, we’ll be sending a signal to our friends and allies around the world that Britain is shouldering our responsibility and leading the fight against climate change.

Thanks to the actions of Governments of many different parties, and the cross-party consensus that exists in the UK on the need to tackle climate change, since 1992 we have led the world in emissions reductions. We can continue in this proud tradition of leadership by becoming one of the first countries in the world to set a net zero target in law. A recent poll by Opinium shows that 64% of UK adults agree the UK should aim to cut its emissions to zero over the next few decades.

The Paris Agreement commits parties to “holding the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels and pursuing efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels”. In order to achieve this, we will support you in setting a before-2050 net zero greenhouse gas emissions reduction target, and hope that you will enshrine this in law within the lifetime of this Parliament.

Yours sincerely,

Simon Clarke MP, together with 192 MPs

Peter Aldous, Conservative Party

Rosena Allin-Khan, Labour Party

Heidi Allen, Independent Group

David Amess, Conservative Party

John Baron, Conservative Party

Kevin Barron, Labour Party

Richard Benyon, Conservative Party

Luciana Berger, Independent Group

Bob Blackman, Conservative Party

Roberta Blackman-Woods, Labour Party

Paul Blomfield, Labour Party

Peter Bottomley, Conservative Party

Ben Bradshaw, Labour Party

Tom Brake, Liberal Democrats

Kevin Brennan, Labour Party

Jack Brereton, Conservative Party

Fiona Bruce, Conservative Party

Karen Buck, Labour Party

Vince Cable, Liberal Democrats

Ruth Cadbury, Labour Party

Alan Campbell, Labour Party

Ronnie Campbell, Labour Party

Maria Caulfield, Conservative Party

Alex Chalk, Conservative Party

Douglas Chapman. Scottish National Party

Bambos Charalambous, Labour Party

Joanna Cherry, Scottish National Party

Ronnie Cowan, Scottish National Party

Neil Coyle. Labour Party

Rosie Cooper, Labour Party

Robert Courts, Conservative Party

Angela Crawley, Scottish National Party

Mary Creagh, Labour Party

Jon Cruddas, Labour Party

Alex Cunningham, Labour Party

Janet Daby, Labour Party

Ed Davey, Liberal Democrats

Glyn Davies, Conservative Party

Martyn Day, Scottish National Party

Gloria De Piero, Labour Party

Thangam Debonnaire, Labour Party

Emma Dent-Coad, Labour Party

Steve Double, Conservative Party

Stephen Doughty, Labour Party

David Drew, Labour Party

Jack Dromey, Labour Party

Philip Dunne, Conservative Party

Jonathan Edwards, Plaid Cymru

Susan Elan Jones, Labour Party

Louise Ellman, Labour Party

Chris Elmore, Labour Party

Nigel Evans, Conservative Party

Paul Farrelly, Labour Party

Tim Farron, Liberal Democrats

Frank Field, Labour Party

Vicky Ford, Conservative Party

Yvonne Fovargue, Labour Party

James Frith, Labour Party

Roger Gale, Conservative Party

Mark Garnier, Conservative Party

Ruth George, Labour Party

Cheryl Gillan, Conservative Party

Mary Glindon, Labour Party

Roger Godsiff, Labour Party

Zac Goldsmith, Conservative Party

Helen Goodman, Labour Party

Mike Gapes, Independent Group

Barry Gardiner, Labour Party

Luke Graham, Conservative Party

Richard Graham, Conservative Party

Bill Grant, Conservative Party

Damian Green, Conservative Party

Kate Green, Labour Party

Justine Greening, Conservative Party

Margaret Greenwood, Labour Party

Lillian Greenwood, Labour Party

John Grogan, Labour Party

Louise Haigh, Labour Party

Stephen Hammond, Conservative Party

David Hanson, Labour Party

Harriet Harman, Labour Party

Richard Harrington, Conservative Party

Helen Hayes, Labour Party

Oliver Heald, Conservative Party

James Heappey, Conservative Party

Mark Hendrick, Labour Party

Drew Hendry, Scottish National Party

Wera Hobhouse, Liberal Democrats

Margaret Hodge, Labour Party

Kevin Hollinrake, Conservative Party

Kelvin Hopkins, Independent

George Howarth, Labour Party

Rupa Huq, Labour Party

Dan Jarvis, Labour Party

Ranil Jayawardena, Conservative Party

Bernard Jenkin, Conservative Party

Darren Jones, Labour Party

Sarah Jones, Labour Party

Rachel Maclean, Conservative Party



Gillian Keegan, Conservative Party

Ged Killen, Labour Party

Peter Kyle, Labour Party

Ben Lake, Plaid Cymru

Norman Lamb, Liberal Democrats

Pauline Latham, Conservative Party

Chris Law, Scottish National Party

Jeremy Lefroy, Conservative Party

Oliver Letwin, Conservative Party

Clive Lewis, Labour Party

Ivan Lewis, Independent

Stephen Lloyd, Liberal Democrats

Tony Lloyd, Labour Party

Rebecca Long-Bailey, Labour Party

Jonathan Lord, Conservative Party

Tim Loughton, Conservative Party

Caroline Lucas, Green Party

Ian Lucas, Labour Party

Anne Main, Conservative Party

John Mann, Labour Party

Sandy Martin, Labour Party

Rachael Maskell, Labour Party

Paul Masterton, Conservative Party

Chris Matheson, Labour Party

Steve McCabe, Labour Party

Kerry McCarthy, Labour Party

Siobhain McDonagh, Labour Party

Alison McGovern, Labour Party

Catherine McKinnell, Labour Party

Anna McMorrin, Labour Party

Johnny Mercer, Conservative Party

Ed Miliband, Labour Party

Andrew Mitchell, Conservative Party

Madeleine Moon, Labour Party

Damien Moore, Conservative Party

Layla Moran, Liberal Democrats

Nicky Morgan, Conservative Party

Stephen Morgan, Labour Party

Ian Murray, Labour Party

Bob Neill, Conservative Party

Brendan O'Hara, Scottish National Party

Jared O'Mara, Independent

Toby Perkins, Labour Party

Mike Penning, Conservative Party

Matthew Pennycook, Labour Party

John Penrose, Conservative Party

Luke Pollard, Labour and Co-op Party

Daniel Poulter, Conservative Party

Rebecca Pow, Conservative Party

Yasmin Qureshi, Labour Party

Ellie Reeves, Labour Party

Marie Rimmer, Labour Party

Gavin Robinson, Democratic Unionist Party

Matt Rodda, Labour Party

Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Labour Party

Antoinette Sandbach, Conservative Party

Liz Saville Roberts, Plaid Cymru

Andrew Selous, Conservative Party

Virendra Sharma, Labour Party

Barry Sheerman, Labour Party

Tommy Sheppard, Scottish National Party

Gavin Shuker, Independent Group

Tulip Siddiq, Labour Party

Cat Smith, Labour Party

Eleanor Smith, Labour Party

Henry Smith, Conservative Party

Jeff Smith, Labour Party

Laura Smith, Labour Party

Nick Smith, Labour Party

Owen Smith, Labour Party

Royston Smith, Conservative Party

Nicholas Soames, Conservative Party

Alex Sobel, Labour Party

Anna Soubry, Independent Group

Caroline Spelman, Conservative Party

Jo Stevens, Labour Party

Jamie Stone, Liberal Democrats

Desmond Swayne, Conservative Party

Jo Swinson, Liberal Democrats

Hugo Swire, Conservative Party

Derek Thomas, Conservative Party

Stephen Timms, Labour Party

Michael Tomlinson, Conservative Party

Thomas Tugendhat, Conservative Party

Chuka Umunna, Independent Group

Ed Vaizey, Conservative Party

Thelma Walker, Labour Party

David Warburton, Conservative Party

Giles Watling, Conservative Party

Catherine West, Labour Party

Matt Western, Labour Party

Alan Whitehead, Labour Party

Dr Philippa Whitford, Scottish National Party

Dr Paul Williams, Labour Party

Dr Sarah Wollaston, Independent Group

Daniel Zeichner, Labour Party

Willian Wragg, Conservative Party


Plus 53 signatures from the Members of the House of Lords


If your MP hasn't signed their name to the joint MP letter yet, hosting a Show The Love event and inviting them, visiting them at their surgery, or sending them a letter or email is the perfect way to show them that you support them taking action for a cleaner future.


If your MP has signed up to the joint MP letter, say thank you! This letter is only the first step towards a cleaner future, and the more they know how much their constituents support them taking action the more likely they'll be to keep speaking up in Parliament.