Now to Net Zero: Celebrating 10 years of the Climate Change Act
4:00 PM16:00

Now to Net Zero: Celebrating 10 years of the Climate Change Act

An afternoon reception to celebrate the 10th birthday of the Climate Change Act. We’re excited to celebrate this momentous occasion by discussing how we can go even further and faster in creating a future where the UK no longer contributes to climate change.

We’ll be celebrating and looking to the future with refreshments in hand, including birthday cake and wine.

With speeches from:

Claire Perry, Minister for Energy and Clean Growth

Farhana Yamin, International lawyer, policy expert, and lead IPCC author

Lily Cole, Actress, model, and entrepreneur

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Zero Hero, Supporter Action Launch
9:00 AM09:00

Zero Hero, Supporter Action Launch

Ten years ago, MPs across the country and across parties put their differences aside to create a unified voice—one that called for cleaner communities, greener countrysides, and safer futures. 

With their voices raised as one, the Climate Change Act was brought to life and over the past decade has positioned the UK as a leader in the fight against climate change and paved the way to a brighter tomorrow.

We’re celebrating this Acts’ big 1-0 by asking our MPs to dig deep and rediscover the same unified passion that we know has the ability to change not only laws, but lives.

A future where the UK no longer contributes to climate change is well within reach, but first we need our leaders to commit to a net-zero emissions target before 2050—a target which would see the emissions we produce balanced by what we can remove.

Thanks to your incredible hard work and dedication this summer, over 180 MPs and Peers have already shown their support for this cleaner world—but to make it a reality we need even more support in Parliament. And that starts with you showing your MP how much you care about them protecting your community, your family, and the life you love from climate change.

Start today by adding your name to our special birthday card to your MP and asking them to be a Zero Hero.

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