28 May 2013

Energy Bill Briefing: Political update

This briefing provides an update on the three most important issues facing the Energy Bill: 

1. the need for a power sector decarbonisation target in 2030;
2. the lack of energy efficiency measures in the Bill;
3. the dangers of dependence on expensive, volatile, imported fossil fuels.
If these issues are addressed by the government before the Energy Bill is passed, we will have ensured that it delivers for the economy, consumers and the environment.
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28 May 2013

Energy Bill Briefing

This handy briefing put together by Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth explains why it is important to get a decarbonisation target included in the Energy Bill.

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5 March 2013

Energy Bill Briefing - March 2013

Download a joint NGO briefing on why it's important that the Energy Bill includes a target to decarbonise energy by 2030.  

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4 February 2013

SCCS briefing on the draft second Report and Proposals and Policies (RPP2)

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22 January 2013

Point of No Return (2013)

This 2013 Greenpeace study reveals how a 'carbon bomb' of 14 planned fossil fuel projects alone would increase global carbon emissions by 20% by 2020 if given the go-ahead. These projects include expansion of Canadian and Venezuelan tar sands; open cast coal mines in China and Australia; offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and Brazil - as well as other Ecocidal plans. This report explores the climate science as well as the clean energy alternatives.

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2 January 2013

Regional green economy success stories

Green Alliance have put together some great factsheets, showing how the green economy is working in each region. This is powerful information for getting your MP on board. 

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20 December 2012

Joint NGO briefing on the Energy Bill: December 2012

The Energy Bill presented to Parliament in November 2012 falls short of what we need to move towards a sustainable economy. Here the NGOs campaigning for a better Energy Bill have outlined the ways in which the Bill needs to be improved. 

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15 December 2012

Green Economy: A UK success story

Green Alliance’s recent report on how green business is has quietly become a UK success story and has continued to grow steadily even whilst broader economic activity slows.

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15 December 2012

CBI Infographic: How the UK can make the most of green growth

A visual summary of how the green economy is contributing to UK growth; and why it needs support.

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8 December 2012

SCCS briefing on the outcome of the UN climate change negotiations in Doha, Qatar

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