Member news: Cameron & Clegg face floods at 10 Drowning Street

Members of The Climate Coalition held a stunt at Westminster urging David Cameron to argue for a stronger climate deal at a high-level EU summit in March 2014.

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An exact replica of a water-logged 10 Downing Street was created opposite the Houses of Parliament, with a Spitting Image-style David Cameron and Nick Clegg standing ankle-deep in murky floodwater.

The organisers also revealed a new poll that suggests the government risks a significant political backlash in flood-hit regions at the next general election unless it gets serious about combating climate change.

Climate change was catapulted higher up the UK political agenda after thousands of lives were disrupted by the severe floods in southern England during the country’s wettest winter for 250 years. The Met Office said there could be a link between the record rainfall and climate change, which is likely to bring wetter weather to the country.

Europe’s leaders are meeting in Brussels today and tomorrow in an attempt to negotiate a new set of targets on climate and energy for 2030. Campaigners are urging EU leaders to devote enough time to hammer out the broad lines of an agreement, which would set a high bar for the next round of global talks.

The proposal tabled by the European commission in January included a commitment to cut carbon emissions by 40%, alongside measures to promote renewables and energy efficiency. However, campaigners say this is not enough and are calling for more ambitious cuts to CO2 emissions to keep temperature rises well below the 2 degrees Celsius limit, which scientists agree is needed to avoid catastrophic climate change. 

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