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Green is Working!

We know that 'Green is Working' but unfortunately the Government hasn't got the message yet. In October 2013, in a vote decided by just 8 ballots, they chose not to set a clean power target for our energy system.

Throughout 2012 and 2013, a broad coalition of businesses, civil society organisations, trade associations and policy groups worked together to champion the green economy. Fighting for a clean power target was the centrepiece of this campaign to move the UK away from fossil fuels and towards a renewable energy system.

Take a look over all the campaigning which led to such close votes in both the House of Commons and House of Lords. 

Green is working stunt - October

#Vote4CleanPower Stunt outside the House of Lords: In October 2013, with the Lords' Energy Bill vote looming, we mobilised on their doorstep to remind them of the breadth of support for a clean power target! To accompany this, we sent a joint letter to all Peers.

  1. See more images from our #Vote4CleanPower stunt


Green is working stunt - October

Green is Working Stunt at the Treasury: On 18th October 2012, 250 people from Stop Climate Chaos organisations, unions and businesses came together, along with Dragon's Den's Deborah Meaden, to tell the government that Green is Working! 

See more images from the Green is Working stunt.  


Local lobby in KirkleesLocal action: Hundreds of activists and groups campaigned in constituencies across the country. From joint letters to media stunts, local lobbies to more than 50 public meetings, local networks made sure that MPs knew their voters wanted a clean power target. 

See more on how local groups got involved


More than 200 organisations supporting a clean power target

200 organisations in support of a clean power target: More than 50 members of the SCC coalition signed a letter to David Cameron in support of the clean power target back in October 2012. We followed it up in April, adding to the barrage of letters and statements from more than 200 NGOs and businesses in support of a clean target. See who is in support.


Green is working for me because... - photo action

Photo action: Green is working for you! During the Autumn of 2012, we asked you to send us photos explaining why Green is Working for you. We got tons of inspiring photos, and on 3rd December we handed a selection of them to #10 Downing Street so that David Cameron could see your messages.

See the photos here.

42 MPs also took part in a photo action in December


Huskies and NGOs called on Cameron to keep his promises on climate change in DecemberHusky Christmas Card: Remember when David Cameron went to the Arctic to see climate change first hand? Well we're not sure he remembers, so on 21st December, we handed a Christmas card to number 10 Downing Street, signed by more than 40,000 of you and 25 organisations to remind our Prime Minister to take back the reins on climate change. 

See more on the Husky hand in


Tube billboard advert - October 2012

Billboard ads: And to start the camaign, some of the best known members of the SCC coalition joined together to place billboard ads in key London Underground stations in October.

They highlighted the success of the green business sector whilst the rest of the UK Economy struggled: All the more reason to ensure a clean power target was included in the Energy Bill. 


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