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We marched for what we love




We all love something that could be affected by climate change - from your morning coffee, to walks on the beach, or your local community.

Which is why on a beautiful sunny day in Westminster, 9000 people from around the UK came together to speak up for what they loved, to over 330 MPs.  The message to leaders was loud and clear - act now to protect what we love from climate change.

It was an incredible day. Find out what happened in our roundup of highlights, and check out our photo gallery to see everyone who joined us, from beekeepers to surfers, from snowboarders to nuns.

We spoke up, and the government listened. The Energy & Climate secretary told us: 'politicians can’t deliver on the ambition without the public saying ‘We need you to do this’. So I really welcomed the campaigning today… Perhaps not all MPs have engaged with this to the same level, but today they had to do so, and that was quite an achievement.'

2015 has the potential to be a momentous year on climate action, and we’re off to a spectacular start. There’s still time to take action - send your MP a message now and tell them what you love and want to protect.

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