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Push for European climate action

Throughout 2014, Europe has been negotiating climate targets that determine how ambitious it would be in tackling climate change.  It's one of the reasons so many of us joined the People's Climate March recently and have sent messages and petitions to our MPs and Downing Street.  So what happened?

"Essentially we have locked the 27 other nation states in the EU into the same emissions reduction trajectory as set by the UK's Climate Change Act." Mathew Spencer, Director of Green Alliance
First: the good.  They agreed to reducing emissions of carbon dioxide by at least 40% alongside other commitments too.  It's the most ambitious regional agreement on reducing emissions anywhere in the world -- so it's a good step in the right direction and a signal to other countries that the EU is committed to tackling climate change.
But couldn't it be better?  Like many others who have seen the deal, we wish it went further.  Scientists tell us we have to do more and faster to act on climate change, for the love of our families and the things we hold dear.
Let's keep going.  This is progress and it would never have happened without people like you and me speaking up for what we love and calling for action.  

On 21 September 40,000 people marched in London, and tens of thousands more marched in Paris, Berlin, Madrid, and Rome. Worldwide nearly 700,000 people called on their leaders to take greater action on climate change for the good of the things we love. We followed that up with a huge petition calling for stronger ambition in Europe. 

We're making change happen -- the UK government was actually one of those calling for a stronger target.  We can still get more ambition from our leaders, we can push them to do what's right if we keep speaking up and do it together.

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