Member news: Constituents write to Nick Clegg: Act on climate change

Dear Nick Clegg MP,

From the recent flooding in the UK to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines the potential devastation caused by a changing climate is becoming clear. As the Royal Society and US National Academy of Science recently underlined, the time for action is now, and as your constituents we were pleased to see that you recently call for the science on climate change to be taken seriously.

Now as a central member of the UK government, you have a chance to show that you take the threat of climate change seriously, by pushing for real ambition on climate change as the European Union negotiates climate targets for 2030. We urge you to ensure the UK plays a leading role in raising the ambition of these targets.  If the EU climate targets are strong enough, there is a real chance to raise ambition in international climate negotiations over the next two years which will bring us closer to keeping temperature rise below 2 degrees, beyond which scientists have predicted catastrophic climate change.

We hope that you will demonstrate strong leadership at the upcoming EU climate summit by urging it to adopt far-reaching, legally binding targets to curb greenhouse gases and stimulate energy efficiency and renewable energy. Recent examples of the impacts of climate change have shown we do not have any time to lose.



Olivia Ellison, Oxfam Constituency Campaigner

Alison Trezise, Chair, Sheffield Christian Aid Committee

Michael Bayley, Hope for the Future climate campaign

John Wilson, Coordinator, Sheffield Friends of the Earth

Joan Miller, Secretary, Sheffield Campaign Against Climate Change

Susannah Diamond, Transition Sheffield

Emma Bridge, General Manager, Sheffield Renewables

Camilla Zerr, Sheffield University People & Planet 

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